Yet more tricky words! Historic England says the Durrington Pits investigations were adequate to ensure that any features of a similar nature to these within the DCO limits would have been detected.English Heritage says the documentation is “sufficiently robust” to address concerns about “the features“.

So in both cases the reassurance is only about Durrington Pits type features, not the dozens of other types of archaeological features that may be there. Why? Because, as Vince Gaffney and Paul Garwood have said, Highways England has “insufficient baseline knowledge and understanding” of what is in the path of the new road. “In short, they do not know what is there“.

The public is being grievously ill-served. The certainty of massive destruction was implicit from the start in any plan to dig up a mile of World Heritage landscape yet its promoters are avoiding admitting it using what looks like carefully co-ordinated verbal trickery. It’s phenakism, pure, and simple.