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As many know, Moreton In Marsh is a particularly beautiful Cotswold town. However, like most places, it has been touched by Covid. Last month the very famous Moreton in Marsh Agricultural Show was canceled and this week The White Hart Royal Hotel in the High Street had to be closed.

So the very last thing the locals need just now is people from goodness knows where (but including those from High-Risk Zone 2 places) descending on their town and using their facilities. It’s the second such stunt in Gloucestershire in a week. They will be pondering how come their innocent agricultural show had to be canceled whereas a grubby, acquisitive metal detecting rally is allowed. And no, the incomers won’t be keeping out of their town, for the organisers, Let’s Go Digging, have told attendees:

“No catering or toilets but very close to the town of Moreton”

No toilets! Imagine! There’s a pandemic on yet Britain is the ONLY place in the world where the health of locals is being put at risk like this. And for why? “Anything you find under £3,000 is yours without having to split with farmers“ (which speaks loudly of the motivation of the attendees and their propensity to report all they find to the farmer and PAS). A friend of ours in America is putting this on the Moreton Facebook page which is the least the residents are owed. They’re also entitled to expect all archaeologists will take their side. Has PAS lifted the phone to DCMS yet?


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