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Someone has sent us these words written in the 1980s about the Chysaucester prehistoric site by the late Craig Weatherhill:

Also part of this settlement is the ruin of a fogou, of which only the inner end and two roof slabs now survive.  Once again, English Heritage distinguished itself in the treatment of this rare monument after it was found that one of the roof slabs had become unstable.  Rather than effect a relatively simple repair, the organisation decided to fill the monument in, a move they initially denied when challenged.  After doing what they told the public on radio they had no intention of doing, the author – in his then capacity as the local authority’s Conservation Officer – had the opportunity of challenging English Heritage’s then Chairman, Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, face to face about the matter.  Montagu’s astonishing reply, which seemed to illustrate his organisation’s attitude to Cornish sites and monuments, has never been forgotten:  “It’s not as if it’s Stonehenge, is it?.

Food for thought. These days the issue IS Stonehenge and English Heritage is effectively campaigning to do to a massive mile-long swathe of the protected Stonehenge World Heritage Landscape what it did in the 1980s to a small but significant fogou at a Cornish site: destroy it.


The Chysauster Fogou when we visited in 2018. A lot more of it remained than will remain of a huge swathe of the Stonehenge landscape if English Heritage gets its way!


October 2020

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