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Tom Holland, President of the Stonehenge Alliance, has made many powerful statements about the proposed short tunnel scheme which stand in stark contrast to the visual fibs (8 so far) and “yowling moggy” fictions (39 so far) which the Government-pleasing corporate supporters of the scheme have inflicted on the stakeholding national and international public.

In particular, he says the scheme “constitutes the most grotesque act of desecration ever contemplated by a British government, the driving of a great gash of concrete and tarmac through our most significant, our most sacred prehistoric landscape.”

But what does he mean? Is it mere hyperbole? Don’t august bodies like English Heritage, Historic England and the National Trust constantly say it will enhance the World Heritage Site? (As to the latter point, that’s easily disposed of: let no-one be fooled, they are supporting a Government road scheme, not a conservation or enhancement project, and if the road scheme wasn’t planned there’s no way they’d be calling for it. Ask them.


  • So their stated motivation is false, and reeks of hypocrisy.
  • Plus, their stated goal is patently ridiculous: a large section of the world heritage prehistoric landscape – 10.75 acres of it, five and a half football pitches, four million cubic feet of the archaeological levels, a third of the volume of Silbury Hill – will be bulldozed to a depth that will destroy every speck of ancient archaeology. And this will “ENHANCE” the World Heritage Site?!
  • And finally, their stated mitigation is false. They’ll “record everything for posterity”? No, they won’t. Techniques since the 1950s have developed out of all recognition, imagine how they’ll be in the future and how much more could have been found? Furthermore, Highway England has ADMITTED that in defiance of normal professional standards for research projects at Stonehenge (100% sieving of topsoil) they will only sieve a sample of between 4 and 14% because “100% sieving would take too long and prove too expensive!“.


So, it would indeed be “The most grotesque act of desecration ever contemplated by a British government”!  And not mere vandalism but utter destruction, a loss just as absolute, permanent and unforgivable as the destruction of the Buddhas of Bamyan – which was also unilaterally claimed to be an “enhancement” by the intellectually arrogant perpetrators.


There’s still time to sign the Stonehenge Alliance petition. Please do so here


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