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We can’t prove it but we’re pretty sure that if he had any influence UNESCO would not be being ignored and there would be no chance that the go-ahead for a mile of new dual carriageways to be driven over the protected World Heritage landscape would be announced tomorrow.



As a result of the Biden victory in the US, Britain has quietly pulled back on its intention to break international law by unilaterally “disapplying” part of the Brexit withdrawal agreement. Yet the plan to drive a mile of new dual carriageways over the Stonehenge World Heritage landscape against UNESCO’s wishes would involve disapplying the World Heritage Convention which we have solemnly signed.

We do wonder how those pro-short-tunnel archaeologists who loudly decried the former can support the latter and indeed how they process President Macron’s words to the UN last month “We need to ensure our voice is heard loud and clear when others pride themselves on signing up to alliances and their principles just to trample them in reality.

Anyway, all will be revealed, hopefully, tomorrow. We sincerely hope that in the end, the US sense of morality will prevail a second time. That hope is enhanced by this recent headline: “Joe Biden tipped to appoint Obama as ambassador to UK in very awkward move for Boris”!




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