In response to The Council for British Archaeology’s opposition, the leaders of English Heritage, Historic England and The National Trust have offered a “vanilla” response which astonishingly omits any mention of UNESCO, the loss of the free view to millions, or the mere existence of Blick Mead and which dismisses the literally incalculable archaeological damage with the bland assurance that “archaeological finds will be handled sensitively and the results published and shared with the public”.

Surely such glaring omissions comprise a clear confession? So how can this be happening in an advanced Western country thousands of miles from the nearest banana republic? Well, The Council for British Archaeology explained it. Hopefully, the public will come to realise:

“Those bodies are not neutral arbiters but “interested parties”: their preoccupation with the benefits of the tunnel for Stonehenge and its immediate surroundings reflect their special ownership, management and commercial interests in that icon at the expense of other less visited parts of the WHS that are also fundamental to its outstanding universal value.”