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The proof is in this message from the organiser of yesterday’s rally (and today’s and Wednesday’s and next Saturday’s):


“Great 1st day back today , Hope you all enjoyed yourselves, Well done to the finders .
The Flo link for this event is Wiltshire Team
Wil Partridge Finds Liaison Officer for Wiltshire
Telephone: 01722 332151 Email:”


And that’s it, all he or anyone can do to influence behaviour! So even if he was put under the strictest licensing conditions known to man the ONLY means he has to get his attendees to report their finds is to tell them how to contact the FLO. As PAS knows very well that has little positive effect in the case of thousands of commercial rally attendees. Pockets, see, they’re beyond outside control.

So the recent “licensing” talk is an ineffectual red herring. It would not reduce the harm one iota but  would actually increase it by lending such events faux respectability. Someone should explain that to DCMS before it’s too late. PAS?

PS, further compelling evidence that commercial rallies are ungovernable lies in the fact there used to be a Code of Practice for Organisers of Rallies but it has long been abandoned and PAS has now also given up issuing any advice to such people. Why? Because only one rally organiser ever made even a token attempt to comply. As with a Code and as with Advice, so it would be with Licensing. No chance.


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