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A French metal detectorist has been accused of looting on a vast scale in France and Flanders after police found a haul of 27,400 valuable objects at his home..

France’s Economy Minister, Bruno Le Maire commenting on the fact imprisonment was likely, said: “This is a clear message to those who, for the benefit and selfish pleasure of a few, rob us of our common heritage and erase entire swaths of our history.”

But only 27,400 valuable objects Monsieur? When it comes to stealing cultural knowledge we Rosbifs can do better than that. We think nearly 250 times more than that, 7 million recordable objects, haven’t been reported to PAS by detectorists (including hundreds from France and Belgium, here for out “rallies”) since PAS was created. How’s that for “erasing entire swaths of our history”?!

Est-il possible que vous puissiez empêcher vos moins talentueux de venir ici pour nous voler notre héritage commun? (Nous regrettons le Brexit mais 90% de nos détecteurs l’ont voté).

[Any chance you could stop your least talented from coming over here to “rob us of our common heritage”? We apologise for Brexit by the way. 90% of our detectorists voted for it.]


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