The last 12 months have been strange, worldwide. Certainly here at the Heritage Journal, several of us are classed as ‘vulnerable’ and our excursions have been seriously curtailed due to the pandemic. As Father Time marches on and none of us here are getting any younger, it is likely that will continue to be the case. With that in mind, next year we hope to bring some retrospectives to the Journal – looking back upon some of our past field trips as a reminder of the wide range of our prehistoric heritage. 

In addition, as most readers will be aware, our self-imposed remit in the past has largely been focussed upon the pre-Roman monuments of the Uk. From the New Year, we hope to be widening our scope to include Post Roman and Early Medieval topics and even to delve (lightly) into the subject of ‘Earth Mysteries’ – but all the while keeping a scientific eye on the evidence. After all, no ancient aliens are involved in the production of the Journal!!

This is therefore an appropriate moment to thank our loyal readers, and all those who have interacted with the Journal in the past. We certainly hope that you’ll stick with us, and maybe even consider contributing an article or two in the coming months ahead.

If you’d like to write a piece for the Journal, please contact us. Even if you have no idea what to write, we have plenty of topics in our ‘ideas bank’ just waiting for someone to volunteer their time!

Happy New Year! (or Bledhen Nowyth Da! as we say here in the deep South West)