Highways England’s misleading use of words become ever more Trumpian. “You’ll not be seeing bulldozers at Stonehenge”. How come?” Because the only equipment (above ground) in the World Heritage Site will be at the tunnel entrances and cuttings”. How blatant. Those “tunnel entrances and cuttings” stretch for about a mile across the World Heritage Site and will be full of bulldozers!

But physical bulldozing isn’t the only technique being employed by the Government. There is legal bulldozing. Thus, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has 1. ignored UNESCO’s opposition, 2. disregarded the independent planning advisors, and now, it seems, 3. disregarded the Government’s own climate policy.

As a correspondent wrote to us: “English Heritage & the National Trust will not allow as much as a tent peg to be hammered down into the ground near Stonehenge in case it ‘damages any sensitive archaeology’. Yet, they are supporting the potential construction of two massive dual carriageway tunnel portals within the World Heritage Site