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Professor Darvill of Bournemouth University has suggested in Apollo magazine that the A303 tunnel is a good thing for Stonehenge. Here is why he is mistaken:


He suggests that: ‘the improved ambience brought about by closing the A344 should be proof enough. Directing the A303 underground effectively takes it out of the landscape; the project is not so much about building a road as taking one away.’ Sadly however, the A303 won’t be removed from the Stonehenge World Heritage Site. Instead, there will be four lanes of fast moving traffic through much of the landscape, resulting in more pollution, more noise, and more wildlife casualties.

He states that: ‘A scientific committee … with expertise in the Stonehenge landscape, … provides independent advice on heritage matters to the Highways England project team, and scrutinises proposals at every stage (although a member of that committee, I am writing here in a personal capacity).’However, although UNESCO had recommended independent advice on membership of the scientific committee, it was drawn up instead by those with a vested interest in the tunnel scheme.

Lastly, he claims that:
‘…discovering finds as part of the field evaluation informs the design process so that sites of archaeological importance can be avoided.’ However, the whole World Heritage site is internationally designated for its archaeological importance and it is a fact that Beaker people’s cemeteries won’t be avoided by the new roads this scheme is introducing within the World Heritage Site.



More money is needed in the fight against the Stonehenge short tunnel scheme which hands over a near-monopoly on even seeing Stonehenge to a quango. Please contribute all you can to the fight opposing the plan here.



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