Stonehenge Alliance points out there’s much lofty talk about “reuniting the landscape” (12.7K Google hits!) But is the claim valid? See below, a little-seen impression from the proposed Green Bridge 4″ towards the western portal, “requested by the Examiners but not shared by the scheme’s supporters” as far as SA is aware:


So is that “returning dignity to Stonehenge and its landscape” or is it pure baloney? A brand new cutting, far deeper, far wider, and far more visually shocking than the existing road, will reunite the landscape? How?

Well, the claim rests entirely on building some “green bridges” over the new dual carriageway. Not green at all as they’ll comprise concrete with grass on it, nothing else, and they’ll have no connection with the ancient landscape on each side. So an awkward question hangs in the air for English Heritage et al:

If “reuniting the landscape” is so darn important to you, why haven’t you ever pushed for green bridges over the existing road? Or some pedestrian tunnels under it? And saved all this vast amount of damage and expense? And reply came there none.