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Once you find the right farmer, you’d be daft not to keep going! 69 heritage heroes are about to start trying their luck metal detecting this morning (and tomorrow) near Moreton in Marsh. “A re-visit to the farm we did sunday gone but on 5 different fields this time , Prev detected also but always produce

Will there be an Iron Age settlement on it, like there is at the massive 4-day event this company is planning on Exmoor in June (exact location not yet revealed)? We don’t know, all we know is that previous finds in Moreton have included “Saxon, Roman and Celtic”. We’d tell you more if we could but as always with Let’s Go Digging events, the exact location is only revealed the night before to those who have paid. It avoids “troublemaking” by local archaeos and busybodies, see?

Please hurry up with the reforms, Portable Antiquities Advisory Group. Isn’t a decade long enough to have allowed this sort of event to have gone on? Why must Britain be the conservation ruffian of Europe? Or indeed the world? Where else is such an event going on this morning? Nowhere, as in other places these people would simply be locked up.


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