The results are in, and have been well publicised all over the internet now. It appears that many people’s hopes have been crushed with the news that the Cerne Abbas Giant has been dated to the early medieval period. So, not Iron Age or Roman, and equally, not a much later cartoon insult to Cromwell.

Given the apparent date, it appears as if the figure may be a pagan icon. The nearby Cerne Abbey was founded in AD987 and some sources think the abbey may have been set up to convert the locals from the worship of an early Anglo Saxon god known as ‘Heil’ or ‘Helith’. Is this who the figure depicts? 

It is conceivable that parts of the figure were added or “deleted” over the centuries but only further dating tests will determine that as only a small percentage of the figure’s outline has been tested in this way. Although, in terms of historical context, the mid-to-late 7th century would be a likely period for its construction, an 8th century or slightly later date can, as yet, not be completely ruled out.

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