English Heritage Director of Stonehenge Nichola Tasler and a member of her team recently showed local MP Danny Kruger around at Stonehenge. Sadly, he didn’t learn much. At least, not the crucial bit .

You can imagine the scene. Ms Tasler making a proud, expansive gesture towards the World Heritage landscape and explaining how great it will be when English Heritage gets its way and the A303 is no longer visible. Mr Kruger was clearly impressed because he later issued a public appeal: “Do go, if you haven’t for a while. You get a great view of the A303, which will be gone forever once the tunnel is finally dug,”

Oh dear Mr Kruger, did she not explain to you that a view has two ends? The moment the tunnel is dug there will also be no view of the stones for travellers for the first time in millennia, something that will matter hugely to your constituents’ children’s children’s children and all who come after them. Isn’t the loss of THAT view what you should be telling the public about?


Explaining how good it is that soon the road will be invisible …