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The editor of Treasure Hunting Magazine, has issued a sort of papal blessing to detectorists returning from the lockdown tomorrow. So sad, but maybe this is the peak and soon measures will be taken. (He also swiped at the likes of us but frankly insults from the “Grabbers’ Gazette” don’t matter as we don’t grab stuff (or keep it or not report it) so he’s hardly qualified to criticise.)


Off you go again lads, Urbi et Orbi, wherever you can randomly get into a field.

He did say one hilarious thing though. He defended pay-to-dig rallies by implying there’s no problem with reporting rates at them (thereby ignoring a decade of clear PAS evidence to the contrary) and also proposed a truly outrageous reason why they should be allowed to continue: “these events provide a lifeline for many hobbyists, especially as 90% of us probably don’t have our own permissions.”

Yes, you read it right! He’s saying Britain must keep having it’s heritage knowledge stolen because otherwise 90% of detectorists would have nowhere of their own to do it! It’s like saying we must build a lot more Tesco stores else shoplifters will have nowhere to go!

PS: Are you an archaeologist or heritage professional wanting to check if there’s sensitive archaeology that could be damaged at today’s Let’s Go Digging’s pay to dig rally at East Hanningfield, Essex? Tough. As usual (and for obvious reasons) the address was kept secret even from the paying customers until late last night and digging will start shortly at 8.00am this morning. Good luck with identifying it and then getting it stopped if there’s a need!

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