Who knows? But in 2018 they hadn’t seen a picture of the scale of the boring machines. They still haven’t, but here’s a smaller one being used for HS2. So here are CBA’s six principles followed by our own comments in red, reflecting the reality of that photograph:

i. minimum damage to known or potential archaeological remains. Seriously?!
ii. minimum visual intrusion on monuments and landscape. See above!
iii. maximum benefit to the visitor in terms of enhanced presentation and understanding of the archaeological significance. What understanding would that massive new scar convey to YOU?!
iv. maximum tranquillity A fallacy. The traffic is merely being relocated to another part of the World Heritage landscape. Surely the WHOLE landscape is equally important?
v. maximum reversibility at the end of use-life. Good luck with reversing THAT!
vi. efficient use of previously-developed areas. We don’t know what that means but it certainly isn’t being depicted in that photograph!