If you cite something that none of the world’s 7.9 billion people believes and you call it “a common myth” that you’re pleased to refute, you look a bit silly and exposed when someone points it out. Yet again Highways England’s PR Department has made them look foolish:

“Today’s another FactCheckFriday – we’re revealing the facts behind common myths about #A303Stonehenge. During construction, you won’t see bulldozers at Stonehenge – and the stones won’t be touched”.

It’s not just the false premise that irks, it’s the fact that English Heritage et al, bodies which ought to be protecting, educating and informing are failing to intervene and explain to the public that actually they’ll see loads and loads of bulldozers in several parts of the protected World Heritage landscape and ripping up those parts is just as appalling and unacceptable as ripping up any other part.