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During that time 6.5 million free views of the stones will be lost. That’s what Highways England is planning in order to carry out preliminary work for the tunnel.

English Heritage, Historic England and the National Trust all claim the tunnel is a net cultural “improvement”. They may do so till they’re blue in the face but it’s extraordinary to reflect that, if they get their way, the A303 will soon be closed not just for 13 weeks but permanently and the loss of free views of the stones will extend to 26 million a year forever!

How they or anyone else can say that’s not profound net cultural vandalism is a mystery which may never be solved.


UPDATE: We have been asked to clarify that “The A303 is not being closed. The A360 is planned to be closed between Longbarrow junction and The Avenue junction (which is a road off the A360 to the south)” which we do of course.

However, soon enough, the A303 WILL be closed, forever, with the loss of 26 million free views a year.

Hope that’s clear to absolutely everyone!


June 2021

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