Dear Fellow Landowners,

I see a detectorist has just said, when pressed, they would have “no objection” to a farmer getting an independent appraisal of whatever a detectorist finds on his land. How big of them! Shame they and the rest don’t insist on that without being asked! It reminds me of what I wrote in the Journal seven years ago:


It was a rumbustious night down at the Black Sheep and Wellies on Friday. I and my farming pals celebrated that a detectorist has just written on his blog: “I will also be letting the farmer know that all items found excluding treasure items belong to him, if there is anything that he does not [want] after the recording of the finds I will let him know I am interested in acquiring them”.

He might have added “once he’s obtained independent advice on them“ but still it’s a step forward and I’ll give a bag of mangel wurzels to any detectorist, archaeologist, lawyer, philosopher or priest that can show why ALL artefact hunters shouldn’t be doing it too.


Silas Brown, Grunter’s Hollow Farm, Worfield, Salop


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