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Due to a delay to lockdown Stonehenge had to be closed for the solstice again this year. However, as you may have seen, English Heritage has placed a webcam in the centre of Stonehenge with the result that, as they say: “Celestial sun-seekers can now enjoy a personal Stonehenge sunrise all year round”. Bravo!

Also, they’re putting another webcam at the place Turner painted his iconic panorama of the stones in their landscape beneath an enormous sky, to compensate for the fact that vista will be hidden from travellers forever by the tunnel scheme.

Ed: That last bit, in red, is a lie. Did you really think they would be planning to compensate tens of millions of ordinary people for the loss of the iconic Turner vista? Doing so by putting a webcam where Turner stood would involve admitting they’re supporting the loss of an immensely precious and irreplacable cultural asset, and you’ll never, ever hear any of the pro-tunnel lobby confessing to that.

[This is the third year we’ve published a version of this article and so far English Heritage hasn’t taken the bait. We believe there is no limit to the amount of embarrassment they should be given on this matter].


UPDATE: The feed was ended as a lot of people crossed the fence and “invaded” the site.

Bloody idiots. They do nothing but harm to the campaign.


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