In the recent BBC 4 series, The Age of the Image, the question is posed whether, in an era in which the image has taken over from the written word as the most powerful engine of change, can we really trust what we see?

Not at Stonehenge, often enough. The most shattering of the changes the tunnel scheme would bring is the fact millions of travellers would be deprived of their free view of the stones, and to justify that inarguably dire loss the pro-tunnel lobby has used many images to imply the A303 is far closer and therefore much more disruptive than it actually is.

It’s a form of constructed fiction, to put it politely, which may well be on show in Court this week. Hopefully the judge will see through it. Here’s another example we came across recently alongside a pro-tunnel article in Apollo magazine:


Close, huh? But compare that image with the one below, taken from a similar viewpoint but not trying to say anything, just to convey reality…