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We don’t usually promote commercial items but Nancy Wisser who runs Clonehenge is one of the good guys, so here’s what she has just tweeted …

There is now a Clonehenge shop on Etsy. So far There are only 3 items up: 2 versions of the enamel mug, and a t-shirt for shipping within the U.S. and possibly Canada. I hope to add a ceramic mug plus add print-on-demand companies for the U.K. and Australia”.


Of course, there’s already a massive amount of Stonehenge merchandise available at the English Heritage visitor centre. (In fact, 10 years ago to this very day, we remember we published our article complaining that tender documents showed it would have 1,380 sq m of Retail, Catering and Back of House facilities and only 600 sq m for Interpretation and Education!)

But you should always try to shop ethical, and no-one has ever said Clonehenge wasn’t ethical. In particular, so far as we know, Nancy has never ever supported tearing a massive trench across the World Heritage landscape against UNESCO’s wishes and hiding the free view of the stones from millions of travellers, whereas English Heritage …!

So please, when she has them available, buy your Stonehenge-related mugs and t-shirts from Nancy at Clonehenge, not elsewhere!

Update posted by Nancy: Clonehenge Thank you. Please note that people in the U.K. can pay less for shipping by contacting Clonehenge directly! We have arranged to have products made in house by a company in Lancashire and shipped from there, both mugs (£10) and t-shirts (£15).


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