Inside are details of deep pasture settings” to help with “punching deep in your pasture sites”!

Whereas the Code for Responsible Detecting says work “only within the depth of ploughing… be careful to ensure that no damage is done to the archaeological value of the land… Avoid damaging stratified archaeological deposits”.

No surprise though. The metal detecting associations, of which almost all detectorists are members, refuse to endorse the code so why would The Searcher be different? What next, “how to kid landowners you’re responsible”?

PS: You might well ask how come this “punching deep through pasture” nonsense is published so blatantly (in Britain and nowhere else)? Well, for one thing, the CBA hasn’t updated this erroneous statement for four years “The Code for Responsible Metal Detecting is supported by most national archaeological and detecting organisations.” No it isn’t, but you can bet thousands of landowners have been told it is! How much damage has that led to?


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