Nancy Wisser of Clonehenge is not an archaeologist but she is surely a world expert on what people around the world think of it. Listen here (31 minutes in):

“I think it’s unlikely that almost anyone in the UK understands what Stonehenge means to anyone else in the world. I mean, a lot of the people who love Stonehenge around the world may not even know exactly where it is, it’s not about Great Britain to them, it’s about Mankind’s history and cultural background.

It’s very hard to get a perspective and realise that to other people in the world that’s one of the most important places, one of the most important pieces of landscape in the entire world.”

Yet it is that world monument that an increasingly nationalistic government supported by some British archaeologists have the insular temerity to campaign to irreversibly damage for purely British reasons and despite the opposition of UNESCO. How can that possibly be right?