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Dear Fellow Landowners,

“I will report the discovery of items of significant historical value in accordance with the latest legislation”. So says a detectorist’s information leaflet I’ve just seen. Sounds OK but it certainly isn’t.

In negligent Britain, a legal obligation to report finds only applies to Treasure items, not the other 99.8% of recordable finds. See the opportunity for verbal or written sleight of hand there? Have YOU been told “I always report in accordance with the law?

What a damn fool system, legally protecting only 0.02% of significant finds, and leaving the rest to the tender mercies of unknown, unqualified people who constantly tell you it’s all a matter of trust? And all in a country that is supposed to value its history!

Please keep that in mind if a detectorist doesn’t give you, without you asking, a signed undertaking he’ll report everything recordable, collectable or saleable, first to you and then to the authorities and show you proof he has. And send him away if you’re in the least doubt.

Silas Brown, Grunters Hollow, Worfield, Salop


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