Detectorists have previously suggested things like this, discovered this week, are due to badgers or to archaeologists trying to frame metal detectorists or, if metal detectorists, not true metal detectorists, different people with metal detectors called nighthawks. This time extra explanations have been offered: pagans looking for bones.

We prefer the simpler explanation. It was metal detectorists looking for metallic treasures. Metal detectorists who are normal club members most of the time and who, if they had found anything, would have laundered it by findspot description and taken it off to the local FLO and then offered it to a dealer for money or put it through the Treasure system and claimed a reward. And loads of praise.

We can’t prove we’re right but it’s a better explanation than all the others, thanks to Britain’s unique laissez faire attitude to metal detecting. Good, innit?


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