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Treasure Hunting magazine is absolutely delighted to announce that Kimbo’s Boxted ‘Big Week’ Charity Event will be taking place this year. Being held on prime land which has revealed numerous Celtic coins and other notable finds over the years. The name ‘Boxted’ (in Essex) itself now synonymous with such finds, good organisation, friendly atmosphere and just having a great hobby-based time – and of course Kimbo who needs absolutely no introduction for his passion, dedication and commitment to our hobby.

The event will be:- Arrival Sunday 26th September to Saturday 2nd October inclusive. Cost is £100 for the week. Ticket availability is limited to 300. Yet another fantastic big organised detecting event to look forward to – All the best Jules.

Yes you read it right. £100 x 300 people. That’s £30,000.

It would be interesting to see some figures published. For instance, how much of the £30,000 goes to the charity? Who gets the artefacts? The farmer, who owns them, or the charity in the name of which the event is being held? Or someone else? And recording of finds? How much of that do these charity workers do?


We only ask because we know this is about the eleventh visit these heroes have made to Boxted. See our article last year “The Ransacking of Boxted”….

Metal detecting: the ransacking of Boxted

09/02/2020 in Metal detecting (Edit)

Ransacking is right. Ten massive commercial metal detecting rallies on the same farm in the decade since 2010!

But WHY? There’s only one possibility: they’re finding a lot. As one attendee said in 2014: “all I can say is what an event … I think last count there where 12 or 13 gold coins ranging from full staters, quarter staters, celtic silver, french gold . medieval gold, guineas and sov’s. a gold posy ring. not to mention a hat full of hammies … also part of a gold torc and an iron age dagger, the list could go on.” And as the organiser said in 2018: “Those detectorists who have been here before can testify the consistency of the fantastic finds these fields have yielded, and many at that!”

And yet … by 2018 only 23 artefacts from there had appeared in the PAS database! Is that OK with you dear Reader? Ten years of industrial-scale exploitation for commercial gain and oodles of knowledge theft? If so you’ll be pleased to know an eleventh event will be held there next September, but this time for a whole week! For £100 you’ll be able to “detect at your leisure, from dawn to dusk” for seven days – and be free to legally pocket all the finds and blatantly steal all the knowledge!


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