Remember the huge Detectival rally in June? The organisers said:

“The area is in a very historic and archaeologically significant area with Hambleden Roman villa and temple complex close by our search area and mill end Roman villa site just a stones throw away, and not too mention all the amazing finds made and discovered on the first Spring Detectival event in 2019 (including the Hambleden Hoard) so the potential for more amazing finds over the weekend is good and we are counting on you recording some great finds over the June Detectival weekend.”

Hurrah! They’re counting on the hundreds of attendees recording their finds! But here’s PAS’s account, so far …

Start date: 12th June 2021 End date: 13th June 2021 County: Buckinghamshire
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Maybe there’s a delay, But they gave away 14 metal detectors in raffles, three more than the number of finds reported so far! Something’s not right.


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