Following the Telegraph’s recent attack on UNESCOUnesco is a politicised, anti-British basket case – its opinions are an insult“ comes another, equally nasty and Trumpian, from it’s stablemate, the Spectator …

Do we really need lectures from Unesco on our heritage? … Under an obscure convention of 1972, the World Heritage Convention, Unesco nominates a number of world heritage sites from lists submitted by governments.”

Obscure? But we signed it!

We must be prepared to say boo again to the Unesco goose … We should build it, if necessary using legislation … Few if any people travelling to staycations in the West Country will notice much difference, except that their journey may be rather quicker.

Few? Only the countless millions who will no longer be able to see it, leaving English Heritage with one of the most lucrative monopolies on earth. Forever.