Paul Barford has today written:

Archaeologists trot out the mantras, “be nice, they’ll come round”, “progress is being made” … and think that simply by saying the palliative words in a self-assured way, they’ve convinced everyone that the problem has been dealt with. Well, I disagree.

And so do we.

I think that huge damage has been done by current policies on artefact hunting and the unfulfilled hope that “huge progress” will “one day” be made if you all just grit your teeth and wait long enough. As what we can see on the forums and through the blossoming of commercial digging firms, it’s just not happening. I see nothing wrong with pointing that out.”

And nor do we.

So tomorrow we’ll post a permanent, inarguable means by which everyone can see daily that he and we et al are right and PAS et al are wrong.

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