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Irish National Museum

A message from Maeve Sikora, Keeper of Irish Antiquities, National Museum of Ireland to the ARCHAEOLOGY (Seandálaíocht) IRELAND NETWORK:

“I would be most grateful if you could post the following information on your Facebook page. This is to ensure that everyone – members and visitors to the page – are aware of the legal obligations to report discoveries of archaeological objects found in the Republic of Ireland:


“Every archaeological object, no matter how insignificant it may appear, is of importance in adding to the story of the past. The National Museum of Ireland, which is the repository of the Nation’s portable archaeological heritage, requests your co-operation in reporting discoveries of archaeological objects.

If you find an archaeological object, the National Monuments Act 1930-2014 requires that you report the discovery to the Duty Officer, Irish Antiquities Division, as soon as possible, and within four days. This can be done by email, by phone 01 6777444 or by writing to the Duty Officer, National Museum of Ireland.”



It would nice to think the above (together with the text of Section 2 of Ireland’s National Monuments Act 1930 which defines archaeological objects) was pinned to the wall where any discussion of reform over here is discussed.


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