By Nigel Swift

It seems a lot of British detectorists are unhappy at my accusation, yesterday, that they were maybe not as responsible as many of their European equivalents. Well, there’s a current forum discussion, PAS … Should we get it for FREE? which tends to support me as some of the participants are saying they should get a free identification service as well as big Treasure rewards because they are doing the rest of us such a favour!

And then there’s this from a separate discussion, just today, on whether the Treasure Act should be changed: “Yes it needs a change. Like scrapping altogether. The find should always be yours, send it in to recorded, they do whatever they need to do , but it should be returned to the finder. They and the landowner should decide it”

Let’s hope those who are currently considering the future of both PAS and the Treasure Act are taking note, and won’t veer to the opposite extreme like providing free EBay accounts and free limos to transport these uniquely British heroes to rallies!


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