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It’s like this. There are SIX resolutions at the forthcoming AGM. The Trust make recommendations how their Members should vote in each. But there’s a seventh: “That the members agree that the National Trust will ban trail hunting, exempt hunting and hound exercise on their land”, which is clear enough.

For that, unlike the other six and despite holding a vote on it last time, the Trust says “We note the resolution and are keen to hear the views of the membership“. Now why would that be? Why would a perfectly clear resolution not be put to an immediate Members vote, like before and like the other six?

It seems obvious. In view of the huge public scandal which recently engulfed trail hunting the Trust is utterly frit the Members will vote to ban it in such numbers that this time they won’t be able to overturn it or ignore it. See? We predict that in due course they’ll announce a “new” and “stricter” set of rules for trail hunting which will enable it to continue on Trust land. Anyone care to bet?

In any normal, democratic organisation, this should have been the final end to giving permission for trail hunting. But no, the evidence suggests that won’t happen.


October 2021

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