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Trust members have voted overwhelmingly for trail hunting to be banned from Trust land. The majority was so large there’s no room for procedural tricks to reverse it, like in 2017.

But not so fast: “The vote is “advisory“! “The Board of Trustees will now reflect on the outcomes and we will be back in touch with members through our usual communication channels in the weeks that follow this meeting.”

A body that has fought tooth, nail and fib to keep this “sport” for two decades may well try to do so again. How? Well, as we said last week, look out for the announcement of “new” and “stricter” rules for trail hunting which will enable it to continue.

In the meantime, thanks to all who voted to end it. (We couldn’t help reflecting that given the chance they would also now vote to remove the Trust’s support for the Stonehenge tunnel. Perhaps that’s why they haven’t been given the chance!)

What happened in 2017:

“While the motion [to ban it] was endorsed by 28,629 member votes, with 27,525 against, it was ultimately defeated after the counting of 3,460 proxy votes, which were authorised to be used at the discretion of other members and the trust’s board of trustees.”


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