Many people in the North have been dismayed by the cancellation of part of HS2. That infinitely unconvincing term “Northern Powerhouse” is now looking more like an electoral fib than ever before.

But what about the “Western Powerhouse”, the claim that Cornwall would enjoy massive prosperity if the Stonehenge tunnel was built? That also is looking like yesterday’s chip paper as funding to that region has been slashed. According to the BBC:

” Cornwall may only get a maximum of £3million of cash from the Government to directly replace the £100m it could have been eligible for if the UK had remained in the EU, it has been claimed. Prior to Brexit Cornwall had qualified for funding from the European Union due to it being recognised as one of the poorest regions in Europe. As a result Cornwall could have been receiving £100m a year to help provide economic stimulus and support projects which would provide everything from employment and skills to infrastructure.”

Finger crossed.