Another public landowner, the Malvern Hills Trust, has put moral pressure on the National Trust. The Board of Trustees expressed concerns over the number of infringements of its Trail Hunting policy over the past four years and has decided to ban the activity indefinitely. The level of scrutiny at Malvern was far greater than anything the National Trust could concoct so any plan by the latter to “tighten up and still allow” now looks impossible.

Scrutiny does not work. Hounds do not read the memo.

Incidentally, Malvern Hills is another body that has a purpose very similar to the National Trust’s claim to look after land “forever, for everyone … “We protect and manage the iconic Malvern Hills and Commons on behalf of the nation. Our work keeps this diverse landscape open to all and maintains its rich cultural and natural heritage”. “Open to all” does not include people indulging in something the vast majority of people oppose. National Trust, please note.

Malvern Hills: open to all, within reason.