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We begin our brief look at Orion-related sites with three sites in different parts of the globe, each separated by at least 1200 miles, if not more. This shows the spread of the ‘phenomenon’, known as the ‘Orion Correlation Theory‘.

Giza, Egypt

The three great pyramids on the Giza Plateau bear a close similarity to the alignment of the three belt stars, and an air shaft inside the Great Pyramid is said to point directly toward Alnitak at the time of the pyramid’s construction. The shafts are believed to be there to project the dead Pharaoh’s soul toward notable stars.

While this theory remains just a theory, the correspondence between the stars and the pyramids is quite remarkable.

The pyramidal alignment at Giza is oriented NE-SW at approximately 216 degrees for just over half a mile, with a roughly 14 degree ‘kink’ to the left.

Teotihuacán, Mexico

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, a similar correspondence has been identified in the ruins of the ancient city of Teotihuacán, some 35 miles NE of Mexico City. Two large pyramids and a temple, believed to have been built in the 2nd century, mimic the three stars of Orion’s Belt. The construction of the ancient city has been attributed to a race of giants, the Quinametzin Giants, who were believed to have populated the world in an earlier era. The Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacán is exactly half as tall as the Great Pyramid at Giza.

There is also a link to the Maya culture and calendar at Teotihuacán, which is perceived to be the place where a god placed the three stones of creation and that the three pyramids are symbolic of these three stones. The Pyramid of the Sun faces the sunset on an auspicious date in the Mayan calendar. Many other such connections can be made at Teotihuacán, and a Google search will reveal many of the New Age sites that detail these connections, such as those proposed by authors such as Graham Hancock.

Oriented NE-SW at 186 degrees for around 1.25 miles, at this site, the ‘kink’ is to the right, at approximately 15 degrees.

Xi’an, China

A large complex of some 16 pyramids outside the city of Xi’an, famed for the ‘Terracotta Warrior’ tomb, includes 3 pyramids (or trapezoidal burial mounds) which are placed in a line similar to that of Orion’s Belt, and some researchers have equated this site to be another displaying the Orion Correlation.

A good account of these Chinese pyramids can be read here.

Tomorrow, we’ll list some of the sites a bit closer to home…


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