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All this week we have shown various sites around the world that are thought to have possibly been associated with Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka; the three stars that make up the belt in the constellation of Orion. What have we learned from this exercise?

Whilst we suspect that we have only skimmed the surface of sites that could be included in such a list, very few of them can conclusively be proved to have such an association.

  • The most probable alignment is that of the Giza pyramids – the angle and direction of one of the shafts is strong evidence of an Orion association.
  • Not everything is as it first appears. Carolyn Kennett’s work shows a possible association at the Hurlers with the Milky Way. There is also a Milky Way association at Giza, but in this case, with the River Nile.
  • The Hopi Nation creation legends that mention the Orion constellation are interesting, but the spread and layout of the (natural) mesas and the surrounding villages covering an area of over 1000 square miles can be nothing but coincidental.
  • There is an element of ‘geographical paredolia’ when looking at potential alignments; people tend to see what they want to see. As an example, close to the Chinese Xi’an pyramid sites is an airport. Looking further afield, there are two other airports within 50 miles, aligned to Orion as well as any of the ancient sites could be. Furthermore, the runways of the three airports are all within 3 degrees of the same compass heading! Spooky, huh? 🥴
  • There are far too many strange rabbit holes on the Internet, down which it’s possible to get lost!

For those that wish to further investigate the sites we listed, there is a Google Earth file showing their locations available for download, in either KML or KMZ format.


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