As everyone knows, the Trust has banned trail hunting on its land due to public pressure, a consideration of “the appropriate use of charitable funds, and the risk of reputational harm to the Trust”.

Yet it still tolerates game shooting providing “it is evidenced-based, humane and safeguards local wildlife populations“. But as to that, consider this tweet by the Campaign Against Cruel Sports:

We can exclusively reveal that a staggering 23,990,188 pheasants and partridges were shipped into the UK in 2021. The vast majority of these birds start off life in factory farms in France. In 2019, we exposed the horrific conditions at a number of French game farms supplying the UK shooting industry. Despite the propaganda from @BritishGame and others, the reality is that the shooting industry is propped by by huge factory farms, where birds who are used for breeding spend their time in tiny wire cages.

So is that also an inappropriate use of charitable funds and inhumane? Perhaps the Trust will explain the difference between sporting cruelty to foxes and sporting cruelty to game birds?