THE team behind the Stonehenge tunnel will be taking a “chatty van” around the local villages next week to talk about the scheme.

The implication is that it is something that will simply be of local interest, something that is being reinforced by a small group of tunnel supporters, the Stonehenge Traffic Action Group who say the Stonehenge Alliance is coming up with “obnoxious” counter-arguments and “sending it to all their “followers around the world who are not in the least affected by the A303 at Stonehenge and don’t have a clue where it is.”

Not true. Huge numbers of people worldwide see the scheme as THEIR concern – and why not, Stonehenge and its landscape belongs to the whole of humanity, not just the locals. That being so it would surely be more appropriate if National Highways sent their ridiculous “chatty van” far beyond a small corner of Wiltshire to explain why they are damaging a world heritage site against the express wishes of UNESCO.