Two of England’s most important early medieval archaeological discoveries have been reunited for a new exhibition, Swords of Kingdoms: The Staffordshire Hoard at Sutton Hoo.

“Every object tells a story,” says Laura Howarth, Sutton Hoo’s Archaeology and Engagement Manager. “Whilst you can immerse yourself marvelling at the stories and skills behind each of the objects on display, Swords of Kingdoms is also a special opportunity to unite objects from different collections and weave a shimmering web of connecting threads which together speak of the 7th-century warrior elite and a period of great change. Some chapters of each story may be lost to us today, but it is fascinating to wonder and imagine this gold and garnet adorned age.”

Some chapters may be lost to us, yes, but some of those chapters still lie in that Staffordshire field and could be easily recovered. Here’s all the evidence (there’s a lot of it!)


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