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We’ve been saying it for far more than a decade: some of the Staffordshire Hoard is almost certainly still in the ground and can be found by a top-end detector that finds stuff at deeper levels. This weekend it has been shown how easy it would be:

“Hi I’m Looking for a company that hires top end Machines ie gpx 5000 or better. There are some company’s that do hire md but I I haven’t found one with any gpx Machines Only need to hire for a week or two at most.any information would be Great thanks”

“The GPX5000 takes a long time to learn … You would be better off hiring an experienced owner & their kit for the week… If you are hiring it on a hunch of there being a hoard in Place X then you would likely be very disappointed.”

“Thanks for the reply … me and my friend are going to buy one that gives us time to learn the Machine until the crop as gone then give it a go”

So there we are. It can be easily done by anyone. See our previous pleas.

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June 2022

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