It seems that we are being characterised by certain pro-short tunnel archaeologists as hysterical amateurs in contrast to them who are authoritative. Who is right? As always, the truth lies in the middle: we’re a bit hysterical because we don’t like our heritage being stolen and some archaeologists think it’s not a problem. To help you decide, here are a few of the things they have said about us and others:

“The public perception is being misappropriated by media manipulated doubts, with a large number of people who mention sacrilege, destruction, devastation, loss, and even the issue with losing a free view of Stonehenge.”

If you ask me directly… do you agree with this particular tunnel. Quick answer….. no. Not really. Do I think the fury that is stoked by Heritage Action and Stonehenge Alliance is protecting heritage per ce (sic). Again… no.

Opponents of the tunnel are “loud voices obsessed with stopping a tunnel regardless of any proper consideration of the current situation and potential outcomes”, the Stonehenge Alliance acts like “the archaeological wing of Donald Trump’s social media campaign” and their leaflet imagery is “worthy of Putin-supporting trolls”

The kind of inaccuracy and false reporting peddled by @HeritageAction helps no-one.”

“Anyone puts up a Heritage Action post, will find that the door will hit arse on the way out.”

Just thought it was worth mentioning!