Yesterday English Heritage was in a contemplative mood: “Each year the anniversary of when the first stone was raised at Stonehenge passes by without us knowing. It’s one of many secrets kept by the mysterious monument!

Indeed, it’s unknowable. More knowable, near enough, is the date of the next significant event in the story of the monument: the day English Heritage finally succeeds in hiding the stones from travellers. The project is expected to be completed in 2028 so we estimate the stones will only be visible to travellers for another 2,190 days, having previously been visible for 1,820,000 days!

You may well ask what gives a fleeting “here today gone tomorrow” charity the authority to make such a change and whether they are quite, quite sure they are doing right by the future. It seems unlikely. See this letter (from the Daily Telegraph on 28 April 2014) which utterly skewered their case: