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The World of Stonehenge: the British Museum’s “knock out epic” show, but where’s the exhibit explaining the knock out blow to the future of the Stonehenge landscape?
The World of Stonehengethe British Museum’s brilliant exhibition, that is “as magical as a great barrow full of glinting treasure” is a “knock out epic” as art critic Jonathan Jones put it, closes soon on Sunday 17th July.  The trouble is that it is so focused on its dazzling prehistoric contemporary culture and sophisticated artefacts that the threat to the future of this iconic World Heritage Site completely passes it by. 

Calling supporters within reach of London

Would you like to help us raise awareness of what’s in store for the World Heritage Site and join Alliance activists on THURSDAY 14 JULY?Visitors to the exhibition shown our leaflet will view the proposed devastating incision into a “landscape without parallel” with horror. 


Meet outside the gates of British Museum, Great Russell St, WC1 3DG 


11.15am up to 1pm


Leafleting, displaying our banner,  placards and group photo at noon.

It’s also a chance to visit the show and enjoy the exhibition before it closes.

Redetermination process grinds on …  

Unfortunately Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, persists with redetermining the very same scheme and is currently consulting on a number of its aspects. We have pointed out contradictions in National Highways’ [NH] submissions which revealed two incompatible facts:

If NH implements government policy on carbon reduction, traffic will reduce or stabilise, thus traffic forecasts would no longer justify the scheme. 

Or, by providing for an increase in traffic, and thus an increase in carbon, NH is planning for a decarbonisation policy failure.  

Many respondents to the consultation used the opportunity to object to the scheme once more and met the June 10 deadline. 

… and on

In a further query to NH, the Transport Secretary noted “that a number of consultees have raised the issue that it is not clear how the Applicant has arrived at the conclusion that the alternative tunnel routes would only have minimal additional heritage benefits over the Development” and has asked NH why its cultural heritage assessment on this issue has not altered. 

Our own views on this matter are that less damaging options should be explored, including non-road engineering solutions.

Let’s make sure that this government, and future governments, are under no doubt about the unacceptability of driving a damaging dual carriageway and tunnel through the Stonehenge World Heritage Site.

We hope some of you can come along on Thursday. If you’re travelling via Tottenham Court Road tube station the best exit to walk from is marked ‘Exit 2, Tottenham Court Road.’
Supporters of the Stonehenge Alliance made a stand at the launch of the World of Stonehenge exhibition last February.


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