“The Yorkshire Museum very kindly hosted a conference today coinciding with 20 years of the implementation of the Treasure act… And then it came on to treasure act reform, the museums are strapped for cash, they are finding it hard to fund the acquisition costs for significant treasure items, so what is the solution? To reduce the amount paid to finders and landowners. Its a total shot in the foot… “They cannot be serious!!!” .. such a policy would probably see the declaration of Treasure items stopping overnight.

Ed: It wouldn’t. That’s a well-worn and false threat.

“… and then a photo of a girl with the contents of her piggy bank appeared … one implication could be that kids are funding reward fees paid to detectorists, that was well below the belt in my book.”

Ed: No it isn’t. It’s true. Kids, old ladies, anyone who responds to a local museum’s emotional appeal for people to help pay a ransom. Where else do these greedy grabbers think the money is coming from?