Albeit the Heritage Journal has campaigned for so long about the loss of the view of Stonehenge from the A303, should a tunnel be built, we have overlooked the feelings of loss that have just been so succinctly conveyed by an MP. Discussing the impact of hearing of the death of the Queen, Tory MP Simon Hoare has told the Bournemouth Echo: “When I drive up to London I drive past Stonehenge and I think it feels like Stonehenge is gone.”

This chimes with the words of Government ultra-loyalist Jacob Rees Mogg who told the Commons “One of the joys of going on the current A303 is that one gets a glimpse of Stonehenge and I think that is a great benefit and it’s uplifting for people to see”

Loss is unbearable and there is nothing anyone can do to bring back our late Queen, but we can redouble our efforts to preserve the public’s view of Stonehenge.