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It’s not just millions of British people and their children’s children’s children, it’s millions of foreign visitors and their children’s children’s children who also wish to see this world-famous World Heritage Site. It’s their pre-history too surely?

Among them are hundreds of thousands of Americans on once-in-a-lifetime trips, often on tight schedules. One of them wrote: “Thanks for these helpful posts, everyone!!! We are zipping thru and have to meet our daughter at a specific time hence we don’t have 2 -3 hours to stop and see the visitors center, bus, and walk up closer. BUT – I can’t imagine not seeing it at all if I’m that close!”

No need to imagine. It WILL happen if English Heritage gets its way.

Surely English Heritage et al have a solemn obligation to ensure overseas stakeholders (for that is what they are if they are part of humanity) will at least be able to briefly see Stonehenge for free when they come to Britain? Imagine how many tourist dollars and euros will be spaffed up the wall if they are suddenly told they can’t? Can we afford it?



November 2022

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