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Dear Heritage Journal,

Please explain. The Winter Solstice is today, Wednesday 21st, close to sunset. Yet English Heritage saysbased on advice from the druid and pagan communities, the Solstice will be marked at Stonehenge on the morning of Thursday December 22 – the first sunrise following the astronomical solstice which occurs after sunset the previous day.”

Umm. I thought Stonehenge was mainly built to celebrate the Winter Solstice sunset. English Heritage thinks so. It should at least say so – it has a duty to inform. Yet it’s not the first time: they said exactly the same in 2017! And also, in 2013, in your article “Mystic Meg to be given an advisory role at Stonehenge” in which it was pointed out that English Heritage had “liaised” with the President of the British Astrologers Association on the matter.

Plus, umm, while I can see holding the gathering at night might be impractical, why can’t English Heritage make the decision instead of claiming”advice from the Druid and Pagan communities”? Come on English Heritage, it’s bad enough doing the bidding of the Government, why cede control to Druids and Pagans as well?

Seasons Greetings,

Eric Butane-Mogg

Coldrum, Kent


December 2022

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